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Welcome to Schweizer Kobras

Schweizer Kobras is recognised as a leading business law firm supplying comprehensive commercial legal services to corporations and individuals. We have built a culture of providing commercially realistic advice and outstanding client service.


Commercial & Business Law Specialists

The firm practices commercial and business law, particularly for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as for individuals. Our areas of practice include corporate, business and personal law as well as civil law and commercial law. The firm conducts litigation in most courts in Australia. More...


Australian lawyers admitted in Australia, Germany and Switzerland

Schweizer Kobras is the only commercial legal firm in Sydney, and probably in Australia with lawyers admitted in Australia, Germany and Switzerland. Many of the lawyers and para-legals at Schweizer Kobras and a number of support staff are also fluent in German so that the firm operates completely bi-lingually in English and German. As a result, the firm acts for a number of companies and individuals from Germany, Switzerland and Austria and also for the local subsidiaries of companies from those countries. More...