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2014 In-House Newsletters

December 2014

Electronic Conveyancing


October 2014

Is a Discretionary Trust a Sham?


July 2014



May 2014

New Swimming Pool Regulations


April 2014

Swiss-Australian Taxation Issues


January 2014

PPSA Update


2013 In-House Newsletters

November 2013

Recent Changes to the Subclass 457 Visa


September 2013

New National Regulator for Charities


July 2013

Testamentary Discretionary Trusts and Increase in Tax Threshold


May 2013

The Importance of Estate Planning When You Separate

Abolition of Stamp Duties Deferred Again


March 2013

Amendments to The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)


2012 In-House Newsletters

December 2012

Amendments to Director Penalty Regime


November 2012

Giving Notice of Security Interests

Introducing Laura Bazouni


July 2012 - Special Edition

Reform of the Employer Sponsored Permanent Residency Program


June 2012 - Special Edition

Abolition of Stamp Duties Deferred


May 2012

Reminder: Further Abolition of Certain Stamp Duties in NSW

A Reminder to Correctly Identify Parties to Contracts and Other Business Documents


February 2012 - Special Edition

Warranties Against Defects made to Consumers




2011 In-House Newsletters

December 2011

Pitfalls for Modern Unincorporated Associations

Tax Considerations Before Applying for a Permanent Residency Visa


September 2011

The New Personal Property Securities Register and Retention of Title


August 2011

Training Requirements for Sponsors of Subclass 457 Visas


June 2011

New Pre-Litigation Requirements in Civil Proceedings


February 2011

Are Your Consultants Independent Contractors or Employees?

Further Changes in Bankruptcy Laws


2010 In-House Newsletters

December 2010 - Special Edition

New Australian Consumer Law


October 2010

Changes to Bankruptcy Laws

Ordinary and Customary Turnover of Labour

Introducing Jacob Bozdas


August 2010

Business Name Registration - Proposed New National System

Changes to Incorporated Associations Law

New Relationship Register


June 2010 - Special Edition 2

Dramatic Increase in Registration Fees as from 1 July 2010

Norbert Schweizer Awarded German Honour


June 2010 - Special Edition

Are You Ready for New Unfair Contracts Legislation?


April 2010

Reform of German Law on Limited Liability Companies


February 2010 - Special Edition

Fair Work Information Statement

Attachment:  Fair Work Information Statement


January 2010

Recent Changes to 457 Visa Program


2009 In-House Newsletters

November 2009

Public Notaries

Recent Changes to 457 Visa Program


October 2009

Retention of Title Clauses - Drafting, Incorporation and Identification


June 2009 - Special Edition 

New Intestacy Laws


March 2009

Retention of Title Clauses - Treatment by Australian Courts - Part 1
Recent Cases Involving Letters of Credit - Lessons for Importers



2008 In-House Newsletters

December 2008

Revenue Changes from the Recent NSW State Mini-Budget


October 2008

Can Employment Contracts Keep Poachers Away?


July 2008

Do Costs Always Follow the Event? - Deceased Estate Property Claims


May 2008

Insolvency Law Reforms


February 2008

Business Migration

Abolition of NSW Mortgage Duty


January 2008 - Special Edition

Stamp Duty on Leases Abolished from 1 January 2008

2010 Law Society of New South Wales Newsletters

In Touch with the Law - No. 2, 2010

Information Champion - Major reform of freedom of information laws
Illegal Downloads - Internet service provider not held responsible
Estate Executors - Know your tax obligations
Voting Rights for Vision Impaired - Secret voting a right
Register Trust Deeds - Stamp duty costs if the deed is lost
Builder's Payments - Residential restriction on security of payment law

Tender Bids - When price can change after closing date
Resale Royalties - Sellers - and buyers - of art works may have to pay
Third Party Liability - A ‘reasonable response’ to risk of criminal act
Mortgage Trap - Stamp duty payable on vendor finance

©  Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 2, 2010


In Touch with the Law - No. 1, 2010

Surviving a Statutory Demand - How to have one set aside
False Advertising - Court remedies can be inventive
Employment Contract - It may outlast the relationship
Resting a Liquidator's Claims - How to hang on to payments made to you
Franchises - Breaking the rules but not the agreement

Confidentiality - Potential sub-contractor sues tenderer for breach
Legal action on Climate Change - Public authorities at risk of being sued
When the Tax Office wants a Cut - Housing a family member can come at a cost

©  Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 1, 2010

2009 Law Society of New South Wales Newsletters

In Touch with the Law - No. 4, 2009

Discrimination on Facebook - Banning social networking sites on work may not protect employers
Internet Publication - It takes two to publish, and more can't be assumed
Photos as Evidence - How the courts interpret the picture
Travel Restrictions - When the tax office can stop you leaving the country
Online Help in Family Break-ups

Email Evidence and the Paperless Trail - Making a contract by email legal - Avoiding forgery
Visas - New emphases on refusals and cancellations on character grounds
Limitations on Redundancy - Changes to rules on unfair dismissal
End of Life - Enforcing your wishes with an advance care directive

©  Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 4, 2009


In Touch with the Law - No. 3, 2009

Landholder Duty - Tax base expands
Family Care - More leave entitlements in new employment system
Law Reform - Less Australia/New Zealand legal divide
Seal the Deal - Signing contract documents legally in the e-age
De Facto Relationships - Am I entitled to a property settlement?
Super Funds - Maintaining a sole purpose

Class Actions - Things to know
Trusts - Blow the dust off that deed
Mark Up Full Price - New rules on advertising goods and services
Guarantees - Security for lenders
Works of Art - Not an artistic free-for-all

© Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 3, 2009


In Touch with the Law - No. 2, 2009

Anti-Spam Law Ramped Up - Unsubscribe facilities do not infer consent
First Homeowner Grant - Penalties if you don't meet criteria
Document Recovery - Make it easy on yourself
Termination - Keen interest for employers to get it right
Tax - Longer to appeal
Managing Super Funds - Breach of rules can lead to imprisonment

Rich Cats - How to leave a legacy for your pet
Compulsorily Acquired Land - Claiming loss of profits
Redundancy - Tax concessions on payments
Professional Risk - Failure to warn

© Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 2, 2009


In Touch with the Law - No. 1, 2009

Green Wash - ACCC targets misleading environmental claims
De Facto Breakups - News laws give partners financial parity with marriages
Homemade Wills - When the Judge decides
Land Tax - Where is the principal place of residence?
Fixtures - What can I take from my home?

Hard Times - Tax consequences
Online Contracts - When is a click signature binding?
Retail Leasing - Honesty in pre-lease claims vital
Tenders - Duty to treat all bidders fairly

© Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 1, 2009

2008 Law Society of New South Wales Newsletters

In Touch with the Law - No. 4, 2008

Biobanking - Accommodating development and biodiversity
Computer Evidence - Risks in both deleting and uploading
Inventive - Keepings employees' good idea in-house
False Attacks - Beyond the defamation laws
Debt - Can I get a judgment set aside?
Offshore Schemes - Tax office attacks

Safety at Work - Hire companies' responsibility
Motor Accidents - More stringent procedures on claims
Shareholders - Defining rights and responsibilities
Dismissal - When is it not unfair?
Stamp Duty - No exemption on deferred transfer of assets

© Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 4, 2008


In Touch with the Law - No. 3, 2008

Forfeited Deposits - Will you pay GST if the sale falls through?
Trusts - The tax sting in death benefits
Reputation - Can a company sue for defamation?
Predatory Workplaces - Damage control when key staff leave
Neighbours - What can I do about nuisance trees?
Capacity - Assessing decision-making ability

Wills and Super - Can you say who'll benefit after you're gone?
Forgery - Invalidating the security on a loan
Tenders - Are disclaimers effective?
Dispute Resolution - Should I go to court or mediate?

© Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 3, 2008


In Touch with the Law - No. 2, 2008

Pre-Nup Ruled Invalid - Financial agreements under scrutiny
Wills - Who can inspect them?
Lifetime Care - No fault scheme for catastrophically injured
Tax Shelters - Primary production schemes not a haven
Moving in Early
- Occupying a home before you settle

GST Penalties Trap - Come clean on shortfalls, and promptly
Evidence Fails the Test - When a search warrant loses its power
Seeds of Conflict
- Potential problems with genetically modified crops
Family Law - No pressure to mediate with a violent partner

© Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 2, 2008


In Touch with the Law - No. 1, 2008

Online Contracts - ebay Auction is binding
Culture of Copying - "Almost identical" design infringes copyright
Made in China - Getting what you paid for
Responsibility to Employers - Employment agency's duty of care
Internet Lawsuit - Blogging the enemy
Buying Assets - Structuring for capital gains tax

Foreign Land - Who will get your estate?
Let the Dogs In - Disability laws protects right to bring assistance animals
Liquidations - You can't hide the assets
Misleading the Customer - Online search engines taken to task
Self-Managed Super - By wary of financial pitfall

© Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 1, 2008

2007 Law Society of New South Wales Newsletters

In Touch with the Law - No. 4, 2007

Buying a Property - Protect against new trap between exchange and completion
Discrimination - Laws apply to decisions made outside the country
Damages Claims - Limits on liability for injury
Psychiatric Illness - When is an employer negligent?
First Home Buyer Relief - Trustee parent seen as guardian

Long Service Leave - Federal agreement overrides state entitlement
Land Tax
- Avoid costly and complex disputes
Tree Trouble - New law lets you go to court
Contractors - Who is held liable when someone gets hurt?
Wills - When can I write my own?

© Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 4, 2007


In Touch with the Law - No. 3, 2007

Directors' Liabilities - Each can be liable for totality of unpaid PAYG tax
First Home Buyer Relief - Trustee parent seen as guardian
Builders Not Paid - Can they claim your home as security?
Loss of Profits - Holding subcontractors responsible
Super's Magic Pudding - A plus for baby boomers
Workplace - Vicarious liability of employer extends to rape

Liquor Licence - Red light on applications that fail to disclose traffic offences
When a Sale is a Loan - Avoiding a taxable dividend
Disappointed Vendors - Two contractual options for claims
Separation - When the marriage is over but you can't afford to live apart

© Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 3, 2007


In Touch with the Law - No. 2, 2007

Misleading Conduct - Employees found personally liable
Buying and Selling Property - Who bears the risk of damage?
Parenting Plans - New laws to share looking after children
Finance - Partners' bitter end if timing is wrong
Transition Over - Work Choices record-keeping to be enforced
Landlords - Are you covered for damage caused by subtenants?

Injured Employee - What penalties for an employer with no insurance?
Farm Debt - When is a rural property not a farm?
Latent Injuries - What is the timeframe to make a claim?
Compensation - Employment must "significantly" contribute to the disease

© Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 2, 2007


In Touch with the Law - No. 1, 2007

Disability Trusts - Window of opportunity to convert existing trusts
Planning Ahead - Enduring guardians can help if you lose capacity
Victimisation - Health and safety watchdogs given protection
Tax Tips - Timing can save you money
Warning of Risk - Would you have acted differently?
Simplified Super - Broad changes established

Danger at Work - Directors' criminal liability for harm to employees
Bush Pressure - Complexity of land use and regulations
Financial Drought - Tax relief and tax danger in defaulting loans
Smoke Alarms - Warning notice required on contracts for sale of land

© Law Society of New South Wales, In Touch with the Law - No 1, 2007